Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Notice on the 10TH China (Liuyang)International Fireworks Competition

The 10th China (Liuyang) International Fireworks Festival is to be held along Liuyang River side in the last ten days of October, 2011. In order to exchange extensively the new technology, new products and the new equiments in firework shows and to promote the innovation and development of international fireworks displaying standards, the 4th China Liuyang pyromusical fireworks competition is be staged during the Festival with the following proceedings:

I.Time and venue of the competition:
Time of application: from the date of this notice to August 5, 2011
Competition time: last ten days in October, 2011
Venue: fireworks reviewing stands, liuyang, Hunan, China

II.Requirements of the competition:
l Theme of the show is not restricted, but it must be healthy, positive and reflects the theme of the times
l The show must be a pyromusical one
l Time for each show must be 12 minutes ±30 seconds
l Total quantity for shells sized 4” and above shall not exceed 1000 shots, and that for 10” shells shall not exceed 20 shots. Shells bigger than 10” are not permitted; total shots for roman candles, tiger tails, mines and the assorted fireworks (inclusive of single row special effect assortments)shall not exceed 10000.

III.Conditions and requirements of the participants:
l Total participants: 4, two from China and two from abroad
l application conditions for domestic participants:
1. possession of Class A display qulifications issued by public security department;
2. Member of the 10 top listed winners in the Orange Island fireworks competitions;
3. Team with outstanding achievements in firework shows in the past 3 years and it should be ranked as one of the top ten in Liuyang;
4. Experience in participating in big event firework shows at provincial or ministrial level at home or abroad in the past 3 years;
5. Gold or silver medal winner of influential domestic or international competition shows in the past 3 years

l Prerequisites for foreign participants
1. possession of legal and effective display qualifications
2. gold or silver medal winner of international influential firework competitions
3. experienced in firework shows and the company’s established with a relatively long history
4. technicians to be sent to Liuyang for the competition shall not be less than 5.
5. priority will be given to participants who will bring partial firing equipments and special products.

l Any accepted and confirmed participant must render 100,000RMB as warranty deposit within 3 days, or otherwise the participant will be regarded as withdrawal from the competition. Warranty deposit for foreign participants can be guaranteed by domestic enterprise.

IV.Appraisal content and method for the competition:
l The competition will be appraised and rated in accordance with the following aspects:
1.combination of firework show with the music
2.incorporation of firework effects into the theme and conception
3.integration of firework show with other performance
4.effects of the firework product and its environmental performances
l The eleven-member jury of the assessment will be formed by the top masters in firework displays, experts in art and the relevant persons invited by the organising committee with firework show expert as the chief of the jury.
l Members of jury will score each show and announce the result on the spot.

V.Awards and subsidies
Champion: 1, cash 20000RMB and cup.
Runner-up: 1, Cash 10000RMB and cup
Third place: 1, Cash 5000RMB and cup

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


After a long wait by the public, the 9th China(Liuyang) International Fireworks Festival and Chinese fireworks & firecrackers exposition was officially put on agenda to be held on 22-24 May. There activities would include 15 items in accordance with the official direction of involving corporate enterprises and community participaion. The bidding process has started and would end next week, followed by the preparation work.

Events subject creat the best compare to the previous record

According to the reports, The 9th China(Liuyang) Fireworks Festival and Chinese fireworks & firecrackers exposition will be held with fantastic programs, such as the Fireworks Openly Ceremony & Literary Fireworks Evening, International Music Fireworks Competition, Trade and Economics discussion, China city Mayor forum, Ceremony to commemorate Fireworks ancestor Li Tian and Judging for the Fireworks Angle.
Of the activities to be organized, some like “The Chinese fireworks safty forum”, “International fireworks quality forum” would be officially organized Liuyang as directed by related government departments. Activities like “Citizens Fireworks Culture Plaza”, “International Fireworks Lantern Fan” would be organized for enjoymen of the public. The “Music Fireworks Competition”, “ New Products promotion” and “daytime fireworks demostration” are created for fireworks companies to showcase their creativity.
In addition, as the Fireworks Festival will be held ahead of its original schedule, the Annual Chinese fireworks and firecrackers exposition will also be held in Liuyang this year. The Event would be attended by more than 100 City Mayors, participating in organized economic seminars to help companies expand their domestic market.

Organizing rights given to market operation

The 9th International Fireworks Festival will continue with the good tradition set in the last Festival by allowing the market to set the direction.All rights for the organization of the activities would be open for public tender by the International Fireworks Organization to select the enterprises.

Recently, there are two ways for the tender: One is whole undertaking. All activities held by one, and controlled by the government. The tender operate themselves, and bear the risk for the profit and losses. Another one is Subentry undertaking. The openly ceremony & Literary Fireworks Evening and Music Fireworks competition consolidated together, but other activites subentry undertake. Whether which way will be adopted, the organization will decide according to the number of the companies.
“ However, enterprises participating in the tender must possess a strong ability to plan activities, adopt new ideas and methods, innovation in the content, form and mode of operation.” The above requirements was set out for the 9th International fireworks Festival line-up of theatrical performances, the team director, lighting sound, stage design, recording and broadcasting of grades must exceed that of the the previous campaign, and also the cooperation in the print media and television media must be at least from the provincial level.

The City Leader Mr.Fu Xuming, Mr.jiang Guoping, Mr.Tang Xianfu and Mr.Song Fusheng will attend the meeting.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

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Party Poppers

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Party Poppers

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

England welcomes in the New Year

The New Year began with a 10-minute firework display in central London
Thousands of revellers braved the cold weather to see in the New Year at events across England.
The largest celebrations took place in London, where crowds lined the banks of the Thames for the city's annual fireworks display.
Firework displays also started 2009 in Birmingham and Manchester, the city's first major firework event since the millennium.
Temperatures fell below freezing in several parts of England.
Up to half a million people were thought to have been at the firework display in central London, with the night one of the busiest of the year for the Metropolitan Police.
Free Tubes
Scotland Yard said it had made 78 arrests during the festivities in the capital, with about 3,300 officers involved in policing the night.
Supt Brian Pearce said the majority of revellers had been well behaved.
"The nature of New Year's Eve in central London has changed. What used to be a relatively low-key spontaneous night is now a world-class event that attracts thousands and thousands of people.
"The atmosphere of the event meant that in the main the crowds were good humoured and there were no major issues reported to police."
Viewing areas for the firework display near the London Eye started to fill up at about 1800 GMT and were closed by 2300 GMT because they were full.

Many people crowded into Whitehall to watch the firework display .
Tubes ran until 0430 GMT in an effort to get revellers home.
Extra police were deployed in popular gathering spots, including Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square, where police were on raised viewing platforms to oversee festivities.
Of the 78 arrests, 39 were for public order offences, 18 for assault, 10 for being drunk and disorderly, and others for carrying offensive weapons, robbery, obstructing police, theft, drug possession and sex offences.
A London Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: "It has been quieter than expected in terms of incidents.
"Between midnight and 1am we took 292 calls, compared with 377 in the first hour of New Year's Day last year."
The 10-minute fireworks display began after midnight was sounded by the chimes of Big Ben.
Earlier, the crowds were treated to a series of video messages from celebrities including actors Michael Caine and Helen Mirren, comedian Ricky Gervais, cartoon characters Homer and Marge Simpson, and one from the Mayor London, Boris Johnson.
Manchester's firework display was set off from the top of the Arndale Centre.
In Birmingham, the firework celebrations were centred around Centenary Square.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New Fireworks Competition!

On Tuesday night, August 11th 2009 in Mason City, Iowa, USA, during the Pyrotechnics Guild International Convention ("Host"), three specially selected Contestants will take the stage after several months of hard work putting together what they believe will be an outstanding display of live fireworks set to music and battle it out to become the first ever IRON PYRO!In order to fairly judge the merits and skills of the Contestants, each will start with the same firework "ingredients" selected and provided by the Event's main Sponsor, SHOGUN PYROTECHNICS. Shells, Mines, Comets, Rockets, and Roman Candles will then be blended with music, chosen and laid out by each Contestant in order to create a six to ten minute Firework Extravaganza.